Guy Strain Insulators

Utilidyne offers Fiberglass Guy Strain Insulators specifically tailored to meet our customer’s needs. With fully customizable lengths, load ratings of up to 36,000 lbs., and variable end fittings, our products are second to none in customer satisfaction and reliability. Insulator products include the following:

Length (pin-to-pin) Type Utilidyne Part # End 1 End 2
88”, 21000lb., Guy Strain 21k Guy Strain GS21K088CC1ING Clevis w/roller Clevis
46”, 21000lb., Guy Strain 21k Guy Strain GS21K042CC2ING Clevis w/roller Clevis w/roller
24”, 16000lb., Guy Strain 16K Guy Strain GS16K024CE0NG Clevis Eyelet


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